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This is a complete ClickFunnels project from conception to website integration with working products and shopping cart. Almost everything you will need to know about what ClickFunnels is and how it works is covered in this tutorial here.

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So What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a service intended to help any business grow through high conversion sales funnels. Using this service is easy, and also affordable. In fact, you do not have to pay a dime until the sale is closed.

However experienced you are at creating marketing funnels, ClickFunnels is not something you do not have to shy away from. Setting up your marketing funnel will only take minutes, and you can do it yourself.

Odds are that you have been through this cycle as an entrepreneur – you have put in place a product or service, you know what is necessary for you to do, and you know it will be BIG.

Except for one problem, you have no coding or design knowledge.

That’s where ClickFunnels comes in. It saves you the trouble of having to deal with techies and a lot of hours of weeks of waiting in the process.

With this service, you can build and launch your online funnels much faster. In fact, you can do it in just 10 minutes, and without spending thousands of dollars in the process.

The best thing about ClickFunnels is that you do not have to deal with so many people and other third parties as would be the case when using the traditional model of creating marketing funnels.

Steps on Creating Funnels using ClickFunnels

Step 1 – Choose the Type of Funnel You Want

This step is easy – you just need to choose the kind of funnel you want your business to have. Typically, people create funnels to generate leads, generate sales or run an event.

All these types of funnels are possible using ClickFunnels. In the case you need to generate leads, you can use basic email and messenger leads or even use longer form application leads.

When generating sales, ClickFunnels can be used with “tripwire” products, sales letters, or launch funnels.

You can also run events using this service by running a 3rd party software such as zoom or using an automated webinar that operates entirely on ClickFunnels.

How to Create these Funnels
- On ClickFunnels, choose “Build A New Funnel”
- Choose among Generate Leads, Generate Sales and Run a Webinar Event

Step 2 – Customize the Funnel Type

Once you have selected the kind of funnel your business needs, you should adjust it to suit your needs. This involves adding more pages, removing pages, and adding membership sites.

Even when you add more pages, your customers will still enjoy simple single-click upsells. This eliminates the hustle of putting your buyers through the hustle of the check-out process process.

Similarly, you can create membership areas where you can host training material and even subscription content. Using this feature, your members can create accounts and have content delivered to them based on your own schedules.

And best of all, without using third party Learning Management Software.

Also, you can have easy order forms that reduce incidences of abandoned carts, which often result from complicated ordering processes customers are often unwilling to suffer through.

With ClickFunnels, you can also have affiliate centers. With this feature, you can design commission plans, affiliate types, and so forth.

Essentially, when using ClickFunnels, you can create whatever funnels you want in just a few minutes.

Step 3 – Change How Your Pages Look and Feel

During this step, you can swap logos, products, videos, and basically make every one of your pages look as you wanted. You can even replace the headline area, and all other details until you get the result you want.

ClickFunnels has easy to use and yet very powerful page customization tools that will ensure that you end up with the perfect pages you had in mind.

The service even lets you have greater control over your pages; and it’s all thanks to tools like Custom CSS, Padding Adjustment features, and even Color Adjustment capabilities.

There is more than this for you to use, but these are just the highlights.

But don’t let this process alarm you, it is not a necessity if you would rather do without it altogether.

Step 4 – Capture the Leads within ClickFunnels

Within ClickFunnels, people who have given you their emails can be part of a list that lets you do follow-ups later.

ClickFunnels has two ways of helping you do this – through The Automation Tab, and using Actionetics Follow-Up Funnels.

Using the Automation Tab
Through the first option, you can set up email messages that help you reconnect with your audience using the “Automation Tab” option.

You can even set up email notifications that inform you when someone has opted in or bought something from you.

Inside the Automation Tab, you can add a new email, choose a preferred email template, and even edit the template based on your own custom message.

Using the Actionetics Follow-Up Funnels
This is an autoresponder tool helps you have powerful and yet simple Follow-Up Funnels.

The upside is that Actionetics can do more than help you create schedule and deliver email sequences.

In fact, you can talk directly to your customers based on personal information such as their identity, their purchases, their location, and what they did within your funnel.

Therefore, you do not have to use a single generic message inside your funnel as with some other tools.

Creating funnels inside Actionetics involves building your lists, creating a follow up funnel, sending broadcasts to subscribers, and making adjustments to your funnel based on your stats.

Step 5 – Add Products to ClickFunnels

Thanks to ClickFunnels, you will not need to use any third party tools to sell products and services online. This is all because ClickFunnels comes with a full shopping cart feature.

To use this feature, you just need to use the “Add Cart” button, whereby you should add the description of your product, its price and payment gateway using the provided fields.

Using this service can take only a few minutes.

Essentially, there are two kinds of products you can add to your funnel – physical and digital products.

With a digital product, the purchase can trigger access to a membership site. Similarly, they can get access to the product through a redirect link to your thank you page.

With a physical product, the order can be transferred to a fulfillment company that will manage the shipment. An example of such a service is ShipStation, which integrates very easily with ClickFunnels actually.

After the order is transferred to ShipStation, the company will handle its importation, fulfillment, and shipping to the customer.

Step 6 – Increase Conversions Using Split Tests

You can make your traffic turn into as many leads and sales as possible using ClickFunnels using slit tests.

The range of things you can split is not limited either. The list includes images, headlines, pages, videos and so forth.

With this feature, you can get twice or even thrice as many conversions as you probably would under normal circumstances.

Step 7 – Make the Funnel Live!

Now that your funnel is all set up, all that remains is to take it live. This is pretty easy and straightforward.

All you need is to ensure that your funnel meets all your standards, that you set up a “test mode” gateway feature to test a purchase, and that the domain is set up properly so that traffic comes to the first page of your funnel.

Otherwise, if all these things are in order, you can ht the “Go” button and your funnel will go live.

Step 8 – Track Your Funnel’s Performance

ClickFunnels will give you numbers to tell you how well the funnel is doing. This information includes a chart showing page views, sales, and opt ins.

You can also track how people are joining your subscription lists, so that future marketing campaigns are better targeted to your primary audiences.

The stats can also tell you which funnels are converting better. This way, you can put your efforts to areas that generate the greatest amounts of profit.

The information can also help you know how your business is doing as time goes by.

To Sum Up

There is nothing like ClickFunnels – the system is easy to use, and it makes every part of your online business setup a bliss.

You can even track your performance and make adjustments to your marketing to bring in more customers.

This is why more and more people and businesses are now using ClickFunnels.

There is even a story of a teenager who managed to use the system to take his parents’ business to a whole new level.

Other entrepreneurs, including a local painter, were table to grow their leads many times over using ClickFunnels.

Basically, there are several of such success stories, and you can be one of them as well.

Some people are even setting up funnels in under an hour using ClickFunnels, and without a programmer or programming skills to speak of.

You do not have to pay for ClickFunnels without seeing how it works. That is why it comes with a 14 day free trial.

With ClickFunnels, you could be the next online success story that has managed to employ this useful funnel creation tool.

So, go ahead and give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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